Terella means “Little Earth”

We are building our vision of a dream brewery, while drawing inspiration from science, our connection to the local land and a serious love of beer. 

 We have planted ourselves in North Arm, a rural setting between the hinterland and farms of the Sunshine Coast, surrounded by crops and free roaming cattle. Our concept is based on a sustainable cycle, producing what we need and using what we produce.

Sharing the same shed as the Vertical Farm we are fortunate enough to be working towards integrating our systems to benefit each other. As the Vertical Farm creates their own water as a by-product from their grow cells, our brewery will then use the water from the Vertical Farm to produce the beer we all know and love. In return, collecting the CO2 by-product from our fermenters to re-inject back into the Vertical Farms grow cells to continue the growing cycles to produce fresh greens!

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We’ve custom-designed our brewery and equipment to suit our style of beers, taking inspiration from traditional German methods of brewing that creates a creamy, frothy head and a full-flavoured but well-balanced beer.

Despite our scientific approach, our location keeps us connected to the land, the earth and the elements. Our taproom is a place to relax and enjoy a beer, with plenty of grassy space and farm animals to keep the whole family entertained. It’s everything we love about where we live – great beers to enjoy with family and friends, surrounded by our beautiful and unique hinterland.

The Vertical Farm operates as a separate business from Terella Brewing. Any enquiries can be made directly through their website.