What Animals Do You Have?

Currently we have pigs, ducks, sheep, goats, miniature horses, rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs. 


Do You Take Bookings?

We do not take bookings for The Farmyard, simply arrive on the day and purchase your tickets from the bar. 

If you would like to book the entire farmyard for your party please email:



When Is The Farmyard Open?

We are open every Saturday and Sunday 10am - 1.00pm. 

During school holidays we will often open on Friday afternoons. 

Keep an eye on our social media for additional opening times!



What Happens When The Farmyard Is Closed?

You can see all our animals grazing in their paddocks at the back of the brewery.  You can also view the pigs, chickens and ducks from a distance. 

Please do not feed any of our animals or wildlife and be conscious of the electric fencing.



Do Adults Need A Ticket?

All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult wielding a valid ticket while in The Farmyard. Tickets are purchased from the Taproom Bar.



Do I Need Shoes?

Due to health and safety regulations enclosed footwear must be worn at all times when in The Farmyard.



Do you Bottle Feed?

At this time all our animals are weaned, however check out our feeding times, some of our animals can be hand fed.



How Do You Have Rabbits?

Our license allows us to keep rabbits for educational purposes.



What About The Cows?

The cows we have onsite are in the back paddocks for viewing only. At this time, we do not have rescue dairy calves.



Can I Take Pictures?

You are welcome to take photos of the animals and your own family/group.

By law you are not permitted to include any other child in the photo unless their guardian has given consent, so please keep this in mind.



Can I Share My Food With The Animals?

No food or drinks are permitted within The Farmyard.



Can My Dog Be Friends With The Animals?

As our animals see dogs as a threat and we like to keep them calm around children. Please do not bring your dog within 2 meters of The Farmyard fencing or flagged off area. Dogs on a leash are permitted on the brewery grounds.



Can I Have A Pony Ride?

We do not do pony rides at this point.
However, our resident miniature ponies do love a good pat!



What If There Is Wet Weather?

If there are light showers, we will be open. If there are predicted constant heavy rain or we have had prolonged wet weather, then it may not be safe for us to open.

Check our Facebook Page where we will provide any updates by 8am on Farmyard open days.



Can I Watch The Running of the Animals?

Of course! Please stay behind the flags and get ready to laugh as we run the animals back to their paddocks. We sometimes we even use our stockhorse, Kabo!